Workers’ Compensation in Georgia

Workers’ Compensation in Georgia
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If you have been seriously injured in a construction accident, you are entitled to workers’ compensation in Georgia. Watch this video for more.

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Am I eligible for workers’ compensation after being injured in a construction accident?


There are two complications that sometimes come up in construction accident cases in Georgia. First, the negligent party might be shielded from the accident victim bringing a claim against them due to workers’ compensation immunity. This brings up the question as to who is eligible for workers’ compensation?
Workers’ compensation is an insurance benefits system which enables individuals to recover benefits if they are injured on the job and will have to miss time from work. It also protects employers from being litigated against. However, when a negligent party is directly responsible for your injuries, our attorneys are here to sort out these complexities and get you the rightful compensation that you deserve.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured on a job site and have questions about workers’ compensation in Georgia?
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