Some people love driving, some people tolerate it. Having a car is a great thing, but it is also a huge responsibility. Sometimes, the responsibility of driving a car can lead to terrible accidents. If you have found your way to this page, it is likely that you have been seriously hurt in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence. We want to express our deepest sympathy that you had to deal with this. It is a scary and stressful situation to be injured, especially when it was not your fault and could have been avoided. After you read about your car accident claim, please do not hesitate to call our office to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Common Car Accident Injuries

We have all seen images of car accidents in ads, at school, and on TV. Car accidents are ugly and can be fatal at times. When people are fortunate enough to survive, they may suffer from their injuries permanently, which can be terrible to deal with. The most common types of injuries which can have a permanent affect on someone includes traumatic brain injury, broken bones, internal organ damage, and paralysis. There are some injuries, too, which people can often heal from, including cuts and lacerations, bruising, neck or back injuries, and fractures. We strongly encourage you to seek immediate medical attention for any type of injury that may result from a car accident. Make sure to tell your doctor of any and all pain that you are in, so that they have note of it. We can show that to the insurance company when they ask why you deserve compensation and how much. Your health is the most important thing about your case. We cannot stress enough how necessary it is to see a doctor, go to the emergency room, or visit an urgent care center. Tending to your injuries is the primary goal, but there is the secondary advantage of having evidence to strengthen your case against the liable party. Typically speaking, the worse your injuries are and the more treatment you need, the bigger your compensation award will be.

Georgia Car Accident Statute of Limitations

A successful car accident claim is one that is filed on time. Georgia allows for victims of car accidents two years from the date of their accident to bring their claim or to settle in civil court. These two years have the potential to absolutely fly by, and we highly encourage you to talk to a lawyer about your case as soon as possible. It is very important that you get your case ready and filed before the deadline or else you will no longer be eligible for compensation. It is unfortunate when people wait right up until the deadline, as car accident cases cannot be thrown together overnight. If you wait too long, we might not be able to help you. It is highly recommended that you hire a lawyer right away to represent you in your car accident claim. With ample time, they can talk to your witnesses, collect your evidence, deal with the insurance, and negotiate terms for a settlement. If you wait, you are putting that lawyer under a tight deadline, which does not always yield the best results.

Avoid Making a Huge Case-Ruining Case

When learning about a car accident claim, it is important that you learn what not to do. When you are hurt, there is typically someone who is at fault for the accident. If, in your case, you are not at fault and another driver is, you can expect that their insurance company will be reaching out to you to try to pin the blame on you, which would reduce or eliminate the compensation that they would owe you. They do this by attempting to get a recorded statement. They try to convince you that it will help them help you if you talk to them. You should never give them any statement without first talking to a lawyer. Often the best option would be to have your lawyer take over communication with the insurance company so they can protect you.

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A car accident is a terrible thing to have to experience. We want to ensure that you do not have to experience anything more unpleasant on your road to seeking compensation. We will make sure that you are protected from the liable party’s insurance company and that your rights to full and fair compensation are also protected. You are a priority to us, and we want you to feel that you are. Our Georgia car accident lawyers have handled many cases just like yours. There is a lot at stake here and you want to ensure that your case is handled correctly. Please do not hesitate to call our office today to set up a free initial case review and see exactly how we can help you to get the results you deserve.