If a business owner has reason to foresee a danger of criminal assaults upon its customers and other business invitees, the business owner has a duty to take reasonable measures to deter, prevent or guard against such criminal assaults.

Businesses and property owners can be liable for negligent security in the events of rape, sexual assaults, shootings, or other violent crimes at hotels, motels and apartment complexes. Proving the forseeability of criminal assaults on the premises can be proved through evidence of prior similar assaults or criminal acts on the same property. Additionally, evidence that the business was aware of similar crimes in the immediate vicinity or at its other similarly situated locations can be used to establish liability.

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Since evidence of prior crimes is generally critical to success in handling negligent security cases, it is important to contact an attorney immediately so the vital information can be gathered. Once this evidence is gathered through a thorough investigation, expert testimony is often essential in establishing the foreseeability of criminal assaults and what reasonable security measures the business could have, and should have, used to deter and prevent crime on the premises.

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