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Dogs are not always man’s best friend. Sometimes dogs have not been raised right, have been abused, or are just territorial. When you come into contact with an aggressive dog, you can get seriously hurt. If you are reading this page, you have likely been severely injured after being attacked by a dog. We are sorry that you have had to deal with this, and we will do everything in our power to get you the best possible result for compensation. After you read about your dog bite case below, please do not hesitate to call our office and set up a free initial case review to discuss what your legal options are. Get Our FREE Personal Injury Guide

How Dog Bite Compensation Works in Georgia

You may feel reluctant to bring a dog bite case if you know the owner of the animal personally. There is a common misconception that, when you bring a dog bite case, you are suing the dog owner out of their own pocket. That is not how compensation works. When someone has a dog, typically they have homeowners insurance that also covers the dog that lives there. When things go wrong, insurance comes in and does its job to cover damages, including those caused by dog bites. Again, it does not come from the owner’s pocket. We strongly encourage you to bring your dog bite claim, regardless of who owned the dog that harmed you. After it is determined that you will be bringing the claim, compensation will be decided upon. There are certain factors that go into how much you will be compensated. All of your medical bills, both past and future, lost wages now and into the future, and your pain and suffering will be the biggest factors that determine what your compensation will be. You will also be compensated for any expenses that are related to your dog bite. That could include physical therapy, counseling, and more. The best way to ensure that you are going to get full and fair compensation is to follow some guidelines about evidence collection. It is important that you get animal control or police on the scene to take a report about what happened. Animal control will be able to get more information about the dog, including the vaccination status of the animal. You should also take photos and videos of everything that is significant, including the dog, your injuries, and the scene around you. You may also be able to get contact information from any witnesses. Take this information to a Georgia dog bite lawyer as soon as possible so that they can get to work for your case right away. You only get two years from the date of your dog bite to bring your case, so you do not want to wait to hire a lawyer.

Common Types of Georgia Dog Bite Injuries

When you have been bitten by a dog, there are a number of different types of injuries that you could have suffered from. The most common types of dog bite injuries include:
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Broken bones or fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Infections
  • Trauma
Trauma is a particularly prevalent symptom when it comes to children who have been attacked by dogs. When a young person is attacked by a dog, they could suffer from a lifelong fear of dogs, a situation which can truly negatively impact their future. Remember, while all of your injuries will be compensated for by the liable party’s insurance company, you need to have them cared for. The insurance company will be looking to see how severely you have been injured and how much they are responsible for it. If you decide not to get immediate medical treatment, you run the risk of not only worsening your condition, but having the insurance company look at your gap in medical treatment and try to reduce or eliminate your claim altogether. They might say that you lied about how severe your injuries were if you do not get treatment right away, or they may say that you lied about how you got your injuries, which would absolve them of responsibility. Get Our FREE Personal Injury Guide

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Dog bites can have a serious negative effect on your life and we are truly sorry to hear that you have been harmed by an aggressive dog. We are more than willing to help you get through this case and make it as successful as possible. Please call our office today to set up your free initial consultation with our experienced and supportive Georgia dog bite lawyers. We will safeguard you and fight hard to make sure that the liable party’s insurance company is held responsible for your injuries and damages and that you get full and fair compensation.