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Injured by a Driver Without Insurance

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What if the driver that hit me doesn’t have insurance?


Finding insurance is mission critical when you have serious injuries. Sometimes in accidents, an accident victim discovers that the at-fault driver that injured them does not have any insurance. Injured by a Driver Without Insurance In these cases, you need to see if you have uninsured motorist insurance, and you need to make sure you’ve put your own insurance carrier on notice of a bodily injury claim early in the case. You also need to ensure that there’s not another liability policy out there that will cover the at-fault driver. In some scenarios, the at-fault driver may have a commercial general liability policy through their employer, if they are driving a company vehicle when they injure you. The at-fault driver may also be covered by a family member’s liability insurance.

Your attorney can help you determine if you have found all of the insurance coverage that’s out there. Filing your lawsuit can give you access to the subpoenas and civil discovery you need to start uncovering this information.

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