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Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in an automobile crash? Watch this video to find out what to consider when hiring a car accident attorney.
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What should I consider when hiring a car accident attorney?


Often, when people are injured in serious car accidents and have major injuries, it’s an extremely stressful situation. They may be in a lot of pain, dealing with medical care, Hiring a Car Accident Attorney handling an employment situation, or coping with any one of myriad issues that make the process stressful. One question that comes up during this stressful time is “What attorney should I choose?” The attorney you choose can depend on the extent of your injuries and the situation. If you’ve got major injuries from a case, the best rule is to stay away from the firms that do high-volume major advertising because those firms are designed more for minor injury cases. Those are firms that are designed to settle, and have high budgets and high marketing liabilities that they have to cover.

In the case of a car accident with major injuries, you want to get an attorney who is familiar with litigation. If you cannot settle the case without filing a lawsuit, you need an attorney who can handle the process after a lawsuit is filed. You need an attorney who can do that efficiently, and knows how to try a case. Don’t assume that every attorney out there is going to be a good trial lawyer at court or can handle multiple litigation issues. At our firm, we work as a team and have the ability to handle complex issues, try cases, and get you a good result. We want to handle major injury cases where we can really make a difference, and we won’t quickly settle and move on. We are your partner in this.

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