Construction Accident Case Timeline

Construction Accident Case Timeline

Were you hurt on a job site and want to know the construction accident case timeline? Watch this video, then give our Georgia lawyers a call.

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How long will a construction accident case take?


If you have a construction accident injury claim in Georgia, one of the questions you’re probably asking yourself is how long is this going to take? Well, the short answer is, if you’re doing it the right way and if you’re attorney is doing it the right way, it’s going to take a little bit of time… and you want it to. You don’t want this case to settle overnight. If an insurance company calls and throws x number amount of dollars at you in the beginning, you can rest assured there’s a lot more than that that they think this case is worth. They don’t want your lawyer getting in there, digging under rocks, looking at evidence, talking to witnesses, and going through policies and procedures.

While these cases can take time, when you have the right attorney on your case working your case in the long term, the more profitable that case is going to be. If you have any questions about any construction accident injury claim in Georgia, please give us a call; we’d love to speak with you.

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