3 Slip and Fall Injury Tips

3 Slip and Fall Injury Tips

Were you seriously hurt due to a slip and fall and have questions? Read these 3 slip and fall injury tips, then call our Georgia attorneys.

1) Impact of a Wet Floor Sign

3 Slip and Fall Injury TipsYou might think you do not have a case. This is not true. Even if a sign is present when you fall, it does not mean that you are not hurt; it certainly doesn’t mean that the retailer or premises owner is not at fault.

Georgia law says that a premises owner has to warn you of a hazard that they’re aware of, but that warning has to be reasonable. If you fall, get a picture of that wet floor sign. We’ll be able to give you some guidance and answer your concerns.

2) Claim Value

The very first thing we’re going to do is find out what the defendant did wrong, and we’re incredibly experienced at doing that. Our results speak for themselves.

3) Faulty Steps

If the premises owner knew that these steps were covered in mildew – knew that these steps were wet, knew that these steps had some varnish that made them abnormally slick or there had been falls previously, or this one particular brick in these stairs were loose –or if there’s a code violation at the location, they are at fault.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured due to a slip and fall in Georgia and have questions about these 3 slip and fall injury tips?
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