What You Should Know About a Car Accident

What You Should Know About a Car Accident

Have you or a loved one been injured from an auto accident? Learn what you should know about a car accident, then call our Georgia attorneys.

1) Car Accident Medical Bills

What You Should Know About a Car AccidentDealing with health insurers and Medicare reimbursement rights is a significant part of what we do as personal injury attorneys to put as much money in your pocket at the end of the case as we possibly can. When people are injured in Georgia, especially if they have serious injuries, one issue that often comes up is who’s paying for what. When you’re injured by somebody’s negligence in a car crash in Georgia, you look to the liability insurer of the at-fault driver or the owner of the vehicle first. That liability insurance, however, is not going to pay your medical bills as you receive treatment.

While your medical expenses are part of the value of your liability claim, you have to look for other sources of insurance to pay your bills as you go, including your own health insurance. You can also pay for some of your medical bills with what is known as medical payments coverage, which you might have under your own insurance policy. Oftentimes, people will have medical payments coverage and not even know they have it. Part of our job is to make sure you have medical payments insurance, especially if you don’t have health insurance to cover your medical expenses. Insurance companies will seek reimbursement and entities such as Medicare are slow and take time; part of our job is to get going with them right away so that you are able to recover everything you’re entitled to in your case, as soon as possible.

2) Mistakes After a Car Accident

A lot of times when people are injured, they don’t know what to do. A common mistake that people make is not getting an attorney soon enough. In addition to statutes of limitations, you may also be dealing with time notice requirements under your own policy that require you to give notice to your insurer to preserve that claim. Another mistake people often make is getting the wrong attorney. Chances are this is the first time you have been through this process, and there’s not a lot of good information out there to help you determine how you should go about getting your attorney and who you should hire.

Finally, even if you hire the right attorney, don’t make the mistake of not following your attorney’s advice, which can hurt the value of your case. We are partners in your case. We’re here to stand by your side and get you through what can be a very difficult and trying process.

3) Car Accident Case Timeline

If you’ve got a serious injury case, your case can take a while. The more serious your injuries, the longer the case, oftentimes. One thing that takes time in a personal injury case is determining what your damages are. Damages are everything from your pain and suffering to the reasonable value of your past and future medical expenses and the reasonable value of your wage loss.

At our firm, we work to get the case into litigation quickly, and we try to push it as hard as we can. Time is not always on your side when you’ve got responsibilities and the stress of injuries. We know that you need us to get the best result for you as quickly as possible, and we work to push your case forward.

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