Slip and Fall Compensation

Slip and Fall Compensation

Slip and Fall CompensationWhen you are injured in a slip and fall, you will be seeking slip and fall compensation from the liable party’s insurance company. You may be reluctant to bring a claim if you were injured in a slip and fall at a friend’s house. Remember, you are not suing your friend directly. You are asking the insurance company to pay for your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. This money is not directly coming from your friend, it is coming from the insurance company that represents them. The same goes for places like grocery stores. Their insurance is responsible for your damages. You will not be directly suing that property owner.

Slip and Fall Compensation | Comparative Fault

Georgia is a state that follows comparative fault, which means you can be compensated for your damages even if you share some fault in causing the slip and fall. The way it works is as follows: say someone is at the grocery store looking at their phone while they walk down the aisle. There is a puddle of spilled liquid that has not yet been cleaned, but because they weren’t looking, they slip and get hurt. The grocery store would be responsible for not having cleaned up that spill or marked it with a sign but that person would be partially responsible because they were not paying full attention. In an instance such as this, they may be deemed something like 20 percent at fault for the accident. If they were awarded $10,000 in damages, that fault would mean they can only collect $8,000 of the award. We take our job of protecting your right to full compensation seriously.

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