Pre-Existing Injuries in Georgia

Pre-Existing Injuries in Georgia

Were you seriously injured in an accident and want to know if pre-existing injuries in Georgia will affect your ability for compensation?

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Will pre-existing injuries affect my ability to recover compensation?


What is a preexisting condition and how will it impact your case?– Give us a call. We can explain exactly what that means and, more importantly, unpack whether it impacts your case. It may, but the good news is, Georgia law states that the person who injured you can be responsible for aggravating a preexisting condition. Don’t think just because you’ve had a prior injury to a particular body part, that you don’t have a case. Don’t let an insurance company or an at-fault defendant tell you otherwise.

If you have any questions about your preexisting condition – how it’s made worse, how it affects your personal injury case in Georgia – give us a call. Don’t make assumptions that are going to preclude you from getting what you’re otherwise entitled to.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence and have questions about pre-existing injuries in Georgia affecting your ability to receive compensation?
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