Information on Construction Accident Claims

Information on Construction Accident Claims

Information on Construction Accident ClaimsWhether it is the construction company or a third party who is responsible for your injuries and damages, they had a duty to keep you safe. When those parties are negligent and careless and cause you injuries, they owe you full and fair compensation. Here is some important information on construction accident claims.

Construction Accident Case Value

If you’ve got a construction accident injury claim in Georgia, one of the questions you’ve probably asked yourself before even coming to this website is what’s my case worth? The honest answer is I don’t know what your case is worth, and no attorney you call – whether it’s us or someone else – is going to be able to tell you exactly what your case is worth.

There are some components of a personal injury case that are fairly easy to figure out, such as medical bills. There are also lost wages, past and future, to consider, as well.  You also have to look at pain and suffering – the mental aspect, the emotional aspect, the actual pain aspect – what’s that worth?

Construction Accident Settlement Timeline

If you have a construction accident injury claim in Georgia, one of the questions you’re probably asking yourself is how long is this going to take? Well, the short answer is, if you’re doing it the right way and if you’re attorney is doing it the right way, it’s going to take a little bit of time… and you want it to. You don’t want this case to settle overnight. If an insurance company calls and throws x number amount of dollars at you in the beginning, you can rest assured there’s a lot more than that that they think this case is worth. They don’t want your lawyer getting in there, digging under rocks, looking at evidence, talking to witnesses, and going through policies and procedures.

While these cases can take time, when you have the right attorney on your case working your case in the long term, the more profitable that case is going to be.

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