How To Win Your Negligent Security Claim

How To Win Your Negligent Security Claim

Were you injured on someone’s property and have questions about how to win your negligent security claim? Read our blog, then contact us today!

Hiring an Attorney

How To Win Your Negligent Security ClaimWhen you have a negligent security case, you want an attorney who handles personal injury law, not an attorney who represents business deals or drafts wills. You want a lawyer who knows about negligent security claims and has experience handling negligent security claims.
Negligent security claims are very different than car accident claims. The law in Georgia on these issues is very complicated; if you do not have an attorney who knows how to handle these cases and knows what evidence is necessary to prove in order to bring your case to trial, it’s very possible your negligent security claim could be dismissed by the court. You need a lawyer who’s experienced and knowledgeable about negligent security claims specifically, not just car wrecks or slip and falls. You want a lawyer, too, who will not only handle the case just to settle it, but who will go to trial and has experience trying negligent security claims.

If you were injured or assaulted at a shopping center, hotel or motel, or an apartment complex where there was a high-crime rate in the past, and the owner of that property knew about that crime rate and didn’t take appropriate or reasonable measures to protect their customers or tenants, they may have responsibility. The defense lawyers who are defending the owner will attempt to put all the blame on the criminal himself. The owner of the complex or the shopping center or the hotel has a responsibility to protect their customers or their tenants. You want a lawyer who knows how to prove that and knows what to expect at a trial, what type of defenses to expect and how to deal with those defenses.

Negligent Security Claim Value

Unfortunately, there is no way to know right away how long a case will take. Every case is different and depends on different facts. Negligent security claims are not like a car accident case where someone gets rear-ended at a red light and you deal with an insurance company. Most of the time, with negligent security claims, you need an attorney who knows how to pursue the case and knows how to build the case. This can involve hiring experts and locating and obtaining evidence to prove that the owner of the premises bears some responsibility, not just the criminal who injured you or your loved one. Unfortunately, it can sometimes take quite a while to obtain that evidence and build up the case so that you or your loved one can recover what you’re actually entitled to.

Recovering Damages

With a negligent security case, oftentimes the damages are really not tied to medical bills. Damages in these cases can be quite significant because this is the type of injury that can affect a person for the rest of their life, but they can be more complex to define. The true damages in these cases are often pain and suffering damages. Pain and suffering comes in many forms, and it is not just the physical pain that you may have experienced. If you were shot during a robbery at an apartment complex, when that physical pain eventually dissipates and goes away, there are other types of pain and suffering that remain– mental and emotional pain. Oftentimes, this is the more significant area of damages. You need to have a lawyer who knows how to pursue those damages, how to prove those damages, and knows what you are entitled to recover.

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