How Long Will a Negligent Security Case Take in Georgia?

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Were you assaulted because of poor security and want to know, “How long will a negligent security case take in Georgia?” Watch this video to learn more.

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How long will a negligent security case take?


Unfortunately, there is no way to know right away how long a case will take. Every case is different and depends on different facts. Negligent security claims are not like a car accident case where someone gets rear-ended at a red light and you deal with an insurance company. Most of the time, with negligent security claims, you need an attorney who knows how to pursue the case and knows how to build the case. This can involve hiring experts and locating and obtaining evidence to prove that the owner of the premises bears some responsibility, not just the criminal who injured you or your loved one. Unfortunately, it can sometimes take quite a while to obtain that evidence and build up the case so that you or your loved one can recover what you’re actually entitled to.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured or assaulted on someone else’s property and have questions about how long a negligent security case will take?
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