4 Considerations After a Personal Injury

4 Considerations After a Personal Injury

4 Considerations After a Personal InjuryAre you considering what is going to happen in your personal injury claim? Check out these 4 considerations after a personal injury. Our lawyers can help you maximize your potential compensation.

1) Accepting the First Settlement Offer

People often say that there are two certainties in life – death and taxes. If there’s a third one, it’s that if an insurance company offers you an amount of money, their first offer is never their best offer. They’re always going to have more. The question is, how much more do they have? Evaluating what your case is worth takes expertise. That’s where an experienced attorney comes in. If you have an offer that’s on the table from an insurance company and are unsure of what your case is worth, give us a call. We’d love to talk to you about it.

2) Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

When you’re looking for a personal injury attorney, you want to consider the nature of that attorney’s experience. Is this attorney somebody who’s been practicing for a few years, or someone who’s been practicing for several years? Is this an attorney who settles a bunch of cases, or is this an attorney who’s going to be with you from the beginning of the case, all the way to the end, in the trenches? Is this an attorney who gets to know you, who learns about you, who learns about your family, and knows the ins and outs of your case? If you want an experienced attorney who’s going to be standing by you from the first time you call to the time that the ink on the settlement check dries, that is our firm – Princenthal, May & Wilson.

3) Pre-Existing Injuries

What is a preexisting condition and how will it impact your case?– Give us a call. We can explain exactly what that means and, more importantly, unpack whether it impacts your case. It may, but the good news is, Georgia law states that the person who injured you can be responsible for aggravating a preexisting condition. Don’t think just because you’ve had a prior injury to a particular body part, that you don’t have a case. Don’t let an insurance company or an at-fault defendant tell you otherwise.

If you have any questions about your preexisting condition – how it’s made worse, how it affects your personal injury case in Georgia – give us a call. Don’t make assumptions that are going to preclude you from getting what you’re otherwise entitled to.

4) Recovering Emotional Damages in a Personal Injury Claim

People often call our firm with questions about damages. While damages for bills or lost wages are clear cut, emotional damages can be more nuanced. Can you recover damages for the emotional impact that an incident has had on you? Recovering Emotional Damages in a Personal Injury ClaimYes, you can. That’s part of what you call pain and suffering. Has this incident taken an emotional toil on you? Are you sad? Are you upset? Are you depressed because you can’t do the things that you used to do? You have damages that you can recover in Georgia in a personal injury case.

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