3 Motorcycle Accident Tips

3 Motorcycle Accident Tips

Did you get injured from a motorcycle crash? Check out these 3 motorcycle accident tips for guidance, then call our Georgia lawyers today.

Injured as a Passenger in a Motorcycle Accident

3 Motorcycle Accident TipsIf you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle wreck as a passenger, you may be wondering if you have a claim against either the driver of the other vehicle involved or the person driving the bike that you were on. It’s very likely that you do have a claim against one or both of those people. You are entitled to have an attorney look into this and represent you in regard to any claims.

You should speak with an attorney who has experience handling serious motorcycle wrecks in Georgia, not just any lawyer who represents people in different types of personal injury cases. You want someone who handles motorcycle wreck cases and has the knowledge, experience, and resources to pursue those claims for you.

Motorcycle Accident Claim Value

Each case value is going to be different and depends on various factors, including the types of injuries you’ve sustained, the amount of your medical bills, and what types of lost wages or lost income you may have. We will work to answer these questions so that we can determine the value of your claim. We will also assess the amount of money that we can potentially collect from the at-fault driver. Is this an individual who doesn’t have a lot of assets and has a minimum amount of insurance? Are there other parties we can look at? Is it a commercial vehicle? Are there, perhaps, claims against a governmental entity who designed the road where this wreck occurred? These are just some of the factors that we can assess to get the best value for your case.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims

In motorcycle wrecks, very frequently, the injuries are very significant. If you ride, you know that if someone pulls out and makes an improper left turn in front of you, the consequences of that can be catastrophic. The serious nature of injuries and damages in motorcycle wrecks often causes the insurance company for the other driver to fight hard to prove that you were the one who was at fault. You want an attorney who knows how to combat that, who can go up against the insurance company, and who has the resources to show that the driver of the motorcycle wasn’t the one at fault.

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