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Partially at Fault for a Pedestrian Accident

If you were partially at fault for a pedestrian accident, our experienced Georgia injury attorneys can still help you recover compensation. Call our office today.

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Can I still recover compensation if I’m partially at fault for a pedestrian accident?


Partially At Fault for a Pedestrian AccidentSometimes the fault of the parties for a pedestrian accident is in dispute. As a contrast, in two-car collisions, there are rules of the road that drivers are expected to go by. There may not be such clear-cut rules in a situation involving a pedestrian accident.
Some of the rules of the road do apply to pedestrian-versus-auto accidents. In some cases, the insurance carriers and their insureds will try to argue that the pedestrian was at fault in some way. They could allege that you weren’t in a crosswalk, as an example, or weren’t otherwise exercising due care. You need to understand that if you’ve got a serious injury case, the insurance carrier will do anything to reduce their own exposure and limit your damages down the line.

Even if you have been at fault partially in an accident, this does not mean that you cannot recover on your case, especially if the injuries are serious. Don’t think that you’re barred from bringing a claim because you had some responsibility. Consult with us today to discuss how we can navigate this scenario.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured by a vehicle while walking in Georgia but may have been partially responsible for the accident?
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