Avoiding Trial for an Injury Case

Avoiding Trial for an Injury Case

If you are concerned about facing a judge and jury, our experienced Georgia attorneys can help you with avoiding trial for an injury case.

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How can I avoid going to trial for my personal injury claim?


If you are injured and thinking about bringing a personal injury case, you may be wondering how you can avoid going to trial, if at all possible. Not every case goes to trial, and there are ways that you can avoid going to trial. Probably the best way to avoid going to trial is to prepare your case from the very beginning as if it’s going to trial. You want to:

• Gather the right evidence;
• Talk to the right witnesses;
• Collect videos and photos;
• Get affidavits;
• Take depositions;
• And, preserve evidence.

Most importantly, work with an attorney who knows what they’re doing. Submitting a settlement demand that has been well-prepared to an insurance company or an at-fault defendant is the best way you can avoid a trial.

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